Criticize me,  and I may not like you...  Flatter me,  and  I  may not believe you..

Ignore me, and I may not forgive you.. Encourage me, and I will not forget you..


--William Arthur Ward


About Me

To begin with, I am KGM Prasad, an Ex-Serviceman, presently employed as TTA in BSNL and working at Charminar Telephone Exchange. From the inception of Dataone Services to this day, I have always felt that I failed to extend enough information to my (our) customers and this has left a sense of dis-satisfaction in me and led me to putting up this portal with all that I learnt about Dataone services. In this backdrop, may I humbly mention, that it is not an official site of BSNL, and BSNL does not hold any responsibility about the content I have published here on this site. I request one and all of the visitors to kindly note this point. Finally, it may not be out of context to mention my gratitude to my sponsorer,  Unistring Technologies Pvt Ltd., who have volunteered to bear the expenses involved in the hosting, else it would not have been possible for me to spare some of my earnings for the same.  As a mark of my gratitude, I have incroporated an advertisement to this effect to the right of this screen.  

How to Contact Me

You may feel free to contact me on telephone at 040-24571717 and also at

Who can take the benefit of this site?

Though I am not very sure, I shall try to put it this way. This site is basically intended for all dataone customers and others who are wanting to buy the same from BSNL. This site has some elements which could be useful to one and all. Ofcourse, some geeks may find it useless and I would also say, it is not for geeks. I have kept the normal customer in my mind while preparing the content for this site. However, the geeks could educate me and help me in improvement of my site and add some thing that I do not know or I have erred in explaining. I have my own limitations and I am not a master at all. Hence, I request the geeks to go through the site and suggest me with modifications/corrections, for which I shall remain grateful to them.

Reasons for launching the site on a personal capacity

The first reason to launch this site in personal capacity is to have previleges to change the content as per my liking/wish. If the same is launched as an official site, I would not be in a position to add/remove content at my wish. Secondly, I do not want anyone to hold my organisation responsible for any inadvertant error I made in the script that I have prepared. Thirdly, I might not be in position to say "Dump Internet Explorer and Use Opera" or any such thing once it is made official. I could not say "Use GNU/Linux and be rest assured about the menace of Malware". I would'nt have the freedom to suggest anyone to use some software/operating system of my choice. My Humble Request Please do go through the site and correct me, if I made any mistake. I am open to suggestions/corrections. Thank You..

The Last Few Words

The site is not yet complete. Please bear with me till I bring it to a decent shape..

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