A Pledge by the Child to his/her parents

I feel, in this internet age, there is a need to be alert for everyone about their children who could otherewise fall victims to the bad ones on the net.  The problem of internet abuse is best encountered by practicing a code of conduct which in the long run, if followed by every child user, would certainly help this wonderful domain to grow into a better place for knowledge and information.

It is an experience in my life that once anyone volunteerily commits by himself/herself on a piece of paper, there is every possibility that himself/herself would abide by it to certain extent. I have found one such small set of rules, to be precise, a pledge for a child that browses internet. This pledge is only for the children in the age group of 10 years to 16+2 years of age only. Please paste this pledge on the wall so that it is visible to the child that he/she should follow it. Though I sound like an idiot, mind you, it will work out very nicely. This way you allow the child to learn itself and set himself/herself to choose correct path. I am too lazy to type down the text and hence just pasting it below:-

If you think there is still a better way to do, then let me know so that I can put it on this site.  Thanks



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