Safer Internet Browsing :-

1.         If you are a user of any of the Windows based operating system (Win 98, Win ME, Win 2K, Win 2003, and Win XP), then the first layer of defense against any attacks of Malware (Viruses/Spyware/Adware) is the regular updation of your operating system with all security patches released by Microsoft from time to time.  Installation of latest service pack is a must..  To know the service pack installed on your system, do the following:-

    (i)    Click on Start..   Then Click Run..  A small window will open..  type "winver" without quotes in the resulting window and click OK:-

    (ii)   Click OK and you can see a window with some info about the Operating System.

    (iii)  If you carefully read, you can see Service Pack 2 is written there and presently, service pack 2 is the latest for windows xp.  However, service pack 3 is said to be released shortly.

2.         Ensure a good anti-virus program installed on your system.  Please ensure that you receive updates regularly.  A google search can give you various free anti virus software available.  It is suggested to have a licensed copy of such anti-virus program.  For home purposes some anti-virus software are freely available.  You can see the list in Web Links section.

3.         Ensure atleast one good anti-spyware program is installed on your system.  There is a free version of the same is available at  The name of the anti-spyware is SpyBOT Search and Destroy Tool.  It is one of the best anti-spyware available on the net for free.  Time to time updation of the same is necessary for keeping your system secured.  For registered users of Windows 2k and above, Microsoft Windows Defender is available for free download.

4.         Ensure a fire wall is installed on your system.  A good google search can give you some of the good firewall software available.  

5.         Consider using Mozilla Fire Fox or Opera browsers.  This will ensure additional browser security.  Please do not forget to clear the cookies after each session to observe security.  The same can be set in the browsers settings.

6.         Ensure Adaware is installed on your system.  You can download the same from and the basic version is free for home purposes.

7.         Please do not visit unknown web pages and download the free material available.  They may contain spyware.  Even some of the shareware programs do contain spyware and hence installation of the same could pose a security threat to your system.

8.         Updation of Messengers is a very important issue.  One has to ensure that the messengers used are updated regularly.  Even bug fixes of the software used on the system need to be regularly monitored to avoid infections/intrusions. 

9.         File sharing programs are the major sources of infection.  Use them only if you have sufficient security setup on your system.

10.       Keep changing the passwords regularly to avoid misuse.. See that your password is not based on dictionary words and ensure that atleast a couple of digits stuffed in to make it difficult to guess.    It may be possible to hack the password of your account if your router is connected in router mode and the password of the admin user is not changed..


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