Frequently Asked Questions (Billing Issues)

I have a dataone connection and I do not understand the cryptic language used in the bill? Explain me about the terms used in the bill?

BBRNT - Broadband Monthly Rental

BBFMC - Broadband Fixed Monthly Charges

BBUSCHG - Broadband Usage Sur-Charge

My connection was activated on 21st of the month and what is the total usage I am authorised for this particular month?

It is always calculated this way. Number of days left over in that particular month divided by the total no. of days in that particular month which is multiplied by the Data Cap permitted for the plan choosen. Let us suppose you are in XYZ plan and you are authorised to use n GB. It means you are authorised to use  ( n GB /  Total No. of days in that particular month) * No. of days left over in that particular month.    This formulae will give you the correct permitted usage for the month in question.

In you case let us suppose it was the month of January.   Total no. of days in Jan is 31

Let us say your choosen plan permits the total usage of n GB

Let us say the connection was activated on 21st Jan and the leftover days are 11 days (inclusive of the starting date)

So the formula will be (n/31)*11.    Hope I have made myself clear.

My broadband connection with unlimitted plan  was started on 21st of the month and why am I charged  with the complete month's rent.  Is it not a wrong thing from BSNL's part?   Are they not cheating the subscriber?   

To be frank, I have no answer to this question.  As the usage can not be divided as in the case of previous question, it is difficult to charge on the basis of data consumption for the number of days left over in the particular month.   But, from the subscribers's point of view, it is not very correct.  I personally feel, it should be pro-rata basis.   (Plan Charges for the month / no of days in the month) * no. of days leftover in that particular month.  This formulae would be a better idea than the existing method.     

How do you calculate the usage? I see 0.415 GB as my usage in the Service Records. How do I convert this into MB?

Let us suppose you are in XYZ plan and you are authorised to use n GB. It means you are authorised to use n * 1024 MB (1 GB = 1024 MB) in total. You have to calculate accordingly. In the bill you will find the usage in MBs and in the Service Records of your Dataone Account you will see it in the form of GB. That is the problem and hence is the confusion.  However, for P3 users (I mean the customer who is connected to multiplay equipment), you can see the data in KBs only.  You can roughly count it by just excluding the last 3 digits of the total usage and then it would be in MBs.   Then put a decimal again leaving the last three digits.   It would be in GB.   See that it does not cross your actual limit.  Ofcourse, it gives a reasonably correct figure.

I am using dataone connection in XYZ plan. I have consumed roughly N GB in the last month and is much more than the limit.   Now I have received a huge bill. Is it possible to shift me to unlimited plan for that particular month and adjust my bill ?

It is very important to keep a track of the usage regularly. Negligence in this matter, could result into such huge bills. However, if the case is justified, the Area Manager of the area has the power to shift you into Unlimited plan for the specific month and adjust the bill.  I have seen some people coming with a huge bill and saying, "Sir, No one has told me about the data limits. ". This happens because, some people do not spare some time to know, how the usage is calculated. Ignorance can not be an excuse. One needs to know what he/she is going to pay for and how much? I still see some people applying for a broadband connection in my area with out any knowledge about the billing pattern and the data usage. When I try to explain them, they would say " Please tell me how many hours can I use it in a month?." He would not like the technical stuff. Atleast, one should monitor the usage regularly to avoid unsolicited bills.  

I have applied for plan change and they say that it will not be effective before the 1st of next month. Why is it like that? Why cant it be done from the same day?

Though it is not a billing related FAQ, I have put this in this place as it is due to billing related difficulty. This is to avoid billing difficulties due to some complications involved.   If it is permitted, would lead to lot of complications which can not be explained as they are beyond the scope of the purpose of this site.  

My username and password were stolen by xyz and he happened to misuse my connection. Will BSNL give me any concession to my bill as I was ignorant of such security issues?

You can get the details of the telephone number from where your account was used on a request to NIB.   BSNL has no role to play in this matter. However, the Area Manager of your area may consider your case depending on your case.  However, all the user accounts are port bound and no such mis-use can take place.   Once a user logs in from a particular port, the account is locked to that port only and hence can not be used by anyone else.   However, if there is a mis-use observed, please report this matter in writing to the concerned NIB and a detailed report of each login and the port from which it was logged can be obtained.

Can I have a separate bill for my Broadband? I do not want it to be clubbed with the telephone bill.

No. Broadband is a facility extended on a normal telephone line. Hence the billing will be alongwith the telephone bill only.

I have applied for unlimitted broadband connection and in the bill it is shown as H250 and I have received a huge bill. What should I do?

Such a thing happens only one in thousand cases or more as it could normally be due to inadvertant error committed while keying in the data. However, the same can be adjusted after confirmation from the application form submitted by the subscriber. Only the thing that bothers here is that the subscriber has to speak to the Commercial Offier (working lines) of his/her area and AOTR and get the bill adjusted. He/She might have to personally visit the office in some cases.

The moment I cross my data cap in a particular month, I want my broadband connection for the same month to be disconnected. Is it possible?

No. I see there is absolutely no need for such a thing, when one can monitor his/her account regularly and avoid extra usage by controlling the browsing habbits.  However, such a thing may come up in future.

Does BSNL provide a dynamic plan? I mean, the moment I cross the data cap of one plan, I am automatically shifted to next higher plan so that huge bills could be avoided..

Yes.   There is one such plan which is called as Flexi Plan. 350.   For details contact your local Commercial Officer.    Otherwise, there is no other dynamic plan.    

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