PPPoE Installation (Dailing From the Computer)Bipac 7000 ADSL Modem

Firstly insert the CD that came alongwith the modem into the cd-rom drive.

You will see the following window coming up and the installation would start automatically. You may see the security warning about the modem. Click Continue Anyway to begin the installation.

The icons shown below will appear on the desktop after the installation finishes..

Now double click the ADSL Configuration icon to tune the modem.

As suggested in the above picture, Hold the ALT key and press P. Click now on the tab Protocal Setup.

As suggested in the window change the settings.. The VCI should be 35 and VPI should be 0 and the encapsulation should be PPP over Ethernet LLC/SNAP RFC2516 and then click OK.

Now double click the ADSL Easy-dialup icon present on the desktop, enter your username and password and get connected...

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