PPPoE Installation for Link Max modem.

Do not plugin the modem before the installer would ask for the same as it may interfere the process of installation. Firstly, inserthe CD-ROM supplied alongwith the modem into the CD drive and start setup by double clicking the setup.exe available in the appropriate model's folder.

Click Next as seen in the following pictre:-

Select AnnexA WAN Driver and Clck NEXT again as shown in the figure below

Ensure the VPI=0 and VCI=35, then Encapsulation to RFC2516 PPPoE Encapsulation and then the modulation to the mode of your choice as most of the modes are supported.

However, you may select g.dmt mode as indicated in the picture. Finally click NEXT to move further.

Check for the correctness of all the values entered and click NEXT.

You might see a warning as indicated below, you can press NEXT to move ahead.

The installer will copy the files now and finally show up the message below. Please click NEXT to move further.

The installer will now search for the USB device with the following message. Plug in the modem into the USB socket now for installation.

The installer will take care of copying necessary files and would complete the process automatically. A connection to this effect will automatically be created on the desktop for logging in to the dataone services. You have to just double click the icon now created on the desktop and supply your username and password to log in.


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