PPPoE Installation for UTStar 300R2U Modem/Router.(Old Model)  

(The new model of UTStar300R2u comes in a square shape with big holes on the top.  The installation procedure is different for the new one from the old one.  I am yet to understand why have they given the same name to both the models)

The installation procedure on USB and LAN is different for this type of Modem/Router. For installing on LAN you have to open your favourite browser and type in the URL and for USB it is This is the basic difference and rest of the process is same.

However, for installation on USB one has to load the drivers for USB before attempting to configure the modem. The procedure is as follows:-

Firstly, connect the modem to the CPU through USB cable. You have to make sure that the modem is turned OFF. Then insert the CDROM supplied alongwith the modem into the cd-rom drive and double click to open the folder USB Drivers and then double click the For Windows folder and then double click the Setup.exe file to begin the installation.

Once you get the message The DSL installer is searching for the installed hardware now and if you have not yet plugged in the USB device, please plugit now and then immediately you have to switch on the supply to the modem/router to see the installer loading the required drivers.

Once the installation is complete, you may have to follow the procedure as indicated below to create a connection:-

Please type in the address bar, if you have opted for installation on USB.

Click on EXIT to come back to the home page.

Now click on Status to view the statistics of the connection

You can check the status of PVC-0 now to ensure it is connected..

Next step is to create a connection on the desktop..

Creating a PPPoE Connection on the desktop(Dailing From the Computer)

The procedure for creation of PPPoE connection for the broadband connection is bit different for different operating systems and the different router models.

  Windows 98, Windows me, Windows 2000 Operating Systems

A patch known as PPPoE is to be installed for these systems to enable the broadband connectivity. Installing the patch will create a connection on the desktop automatically. However, these modems have only one LAN port and hence an ethernet card in the computer is necessary..The patch can be downloaded from here.

  Windows XP and Windows 2003 Operating Systems

However, the connection can be created in Windows XP and Windows 2003 without installing the said patch. The procedure for doing so is available here.

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