Installation for UTStar  3002G4 Wireless Modem/Router in Bridge Mode.  

Please type in the address bar.


And then after 2 minutes you would see the following window appear.

Next step is to create a connection on the desktop..

Creating a PPPoE Connection on the desktop(Dailing From the Computer)

The procedure for creation of PPPoE connection for the broadband connection is bit different for different operating systems and the different router models.

Windows 98, Windows me, Windows 2000 Operating Systems

A patch known as PPPoE is to be installed for these systems to enable the broadband connectivity. Installing the patch will create a connection on the desktop automatically. However, these modems have only one LAN port and hence an ethernet card in the computer is necessary..The patch can be downloaded from here.

Windows XP and Windows 2003 Operating Systems

However, the connection can be created in Windows XP and Windows 2003 without installing the said patch.   Click here to know the procedure.

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