Common Errors

    Error Codes are the basic means, the operating system adopts, for communicating the probable cause of a problem . Hence Understanding of the error codes is very important when dealing with the trouble shooting of a problem related to broadband connectivity. Each operating system has a different set of error codes available to communicate with the user about the problems that are faced.

    Keeping in view the most frequently encountered errors in broadband maintenance, I have tried to furnish the possible causes along with probable remedies. If possible, please go through all of them once so that the trouble shooting becomes easier. You can find a list of commonly encountered errors and their remedies below and you can click on any of the errors listed to view the complete details of the same.

    All the errors covered here in this site are belonging to MS Windoz only. Most common errors encountered till date were due to system infections and weak insulation in the cable pairs. The later could be solved by checking the necessary parameters at the concerned MDFs, whereas the former needs some attention from the customers about the security aspects involved in internet browsing. It is observed that the errors due to system infection are more in number when compared to line problems. The security of the system is a major concern today and user needs to be aware of their potential and damage they can cause.

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