676 Error.

676 Error.   The telephone line is busy.

Probable reason 1  - Your modem is configured to dial automatically and you are trying to connect the same from the computer.

Remedy - Reconfigure the modem to bridge mode.  You can find the configuration details on the the configuration page.

Probable reason 2 - LIne problems.

Remedy - Nothing much you can do about it than to approach the local office and get the line rectified/changed.   Normally, if the insulation levels of the under ground cables are very low or there is external voltage on the underground cable, you would see this error coming up.  The line needs to be immediately attended for a valid connection.

Probable reason 3 -

UTStar 300R2U modems have one channel, i.e. PVC 0, preconfigured to VPI/VCI = 0/35 in the PPPoE mode by default with a username multiplay and password ........ .

Remedy - Configure this channel to bridge mode or autodial mode with your username and password in place of "multiplay".    There is a particular cause to this problem and I can not discuss it here as it is beyond the scope of this site and is of no use to anyone.  To configure the modem in bridge mode you may click here

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