691 Error - Most irritating error (I hate this error)

This error, is observed to be persistent only due to one of the following reasons:-

(i)    Incorrect Entry of Username/Password:- In many cases it was observed that the usernames or passwords were wrongly entered and were causing this error. Any subscriber with such problem may contact either 12678 or 23234770 to find out the username and password.

(ii)   More number of users connected at the same time:- It was observed that some subscribers have shared their passwords and usernames with their friends and relatives. When more than one subscriber is trying to access with same username and password, the system does not permit the connection and this error is thrown up by the Operating System. This possibility would be zeroed down once the connection is port bound. It is the main reason why subscribers are asked to keep their passwords and usernames confidential and are requested to change them frequently.

(iii)  Disconnection due to late payment of bills:- If the telephone bill is not paid alongwith the OG of the telephone the broadband services are also disconnected. Only after the payment of all the dues, the connections are restored. However, the telephone connection is restored prior to the broadband connection. If the problem persists, 1500 or 12678 may be approached for release of broadband service to the subscriber.

(iv)   Authentication Server at NIB is not Functional:- If the authentication server is down due to any reason, the said error is reported. In such a case the whole area will be receiving the same error and can be set right to normal condition only by NIB. There is a remote chance of this possibility.

(v)   Shifting of Telephone alongwith Broadband Connection:- In case of telephone connection with broadband connection is shifted, the account remains locked till the landline connection at the new premises is commissioned. It is generally observed that there is a delay of one day before the broadband is resumed at new premises after the telephone connection is established. During this period one is likely to receive 691 error and the same will be functional once the acount is restored.

(vi)   Port Binding:- In case the telephone line is port bound with the dataone username, and if you are trying to access the connection from other telephone line than that of the original line, you would receive this error.  All the 900 Unlimited connections are port bound.  Other connections are also under the process of port binding.  Hence usage of the port bound account from other line would result this error.

(vii)  Unusual Problem:-   I did not know how to best describe this problem.  Hence I called it "Unusual Problem".    I have observed it only two times and in both the cases it was the cable pair which was connected with P3 equipment had a crossover with the cable pair of P2 equipment.  (I mean the distribution cable pair here).  The P3 subscriber had no problem but the P2 subscriber was receiving 691 error.  Finding this fault was a great pain.  I could do it with a person sitting in the MDF and one at the Pillar and myself at the subscriber's premises.   Just by terminating at each point we could trace the fault.   It is ofcourse not worth mentioning this reason in here, but thought it could also happen elsewhere.   But the chances of this happening is very remote... I should say  "far from remote".



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