What is ADSL?

ADSL, or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line technology is a means of transmitting digital information at high bandwidth down existing copper telephone cable. It is permanently 'switched on', unlike normal dial up access. It uses most of the available bandwidth for downstream. This makes it particularly suitable for applications where customers expect to receive more data than they transmit such as for Web browsing, use of corporate intranets, and reception of digital audio-visual material. The technology also supports analogue connection on the same line, which enables voice calls to be made simultaneously.

What are the key benefits of ADSL for me?

Firstly, the Speed . ADSL provides high-speed digital access - e.g. potentially 10 to 40 times faster than today's typical modems. It's Always On. You will no longer have to waste valuable time obtaining a dial-up connection to your Internet Service Provider It's Flexible. It does not affect the normal telephone, so you can make and receive telephone calls or faxes whilst you're online.

What can ADSL be used for?

ADSL can be used for various other purposes other than mere Internet access. However, only internet access is available at this point of time. The access speeds available with ADSL make it practical for web sites to carry more multi-media rich information such as embedded video clips, animations and good quality audio significantly enhancing the online experience.

How does ADSL work?

ADSL operates over a normal telephone line. This means that if you have a land line from BSNL, you can have the broadband extended to your premises.. The ‘broadband’ medium is used to achieve much higher data rates than were previously possible. One splitter in your premises will separate the telephony signal from the ADSL signal. This means that telephone calls can be made at the same time that data is being sent or received (i.e. a customer can surf the Internet and still make telephone calls concurrently).

Can I connect my fax machine to the other end of splitter i.e. the phone line coming from splitter?

Yes. Some subscribers are already using the fax machine connected the phone line coming from splitter and are not having any problem with it.. However, please check with the fax machine manufacturer/ for ADSL compatibility

Will ADSL affect my normal telephone connection?

No. However, some phones (manufactured locally) have confirmed slight change in voice while Internet is in use.

Will telephone calls be charged separately for access of Internet?

No. No telephone usage charges are collected for use of Internet separately like in the case of Dial-up connections. However, your normal telephone rental and call charges will still apply. Though, both broadband and telephone charges are independent of each other, they will appear in the same bill.

Does my telephone number change after taking Broadband connection from BSNL?

No. Your number will not change

What computer equipment do I need ?

You need to have a PC with atleast Pentium 166 MHz processor or equivalent with atleast 32 MB RAM with any type of Operating System. Additionally you need to have a LAN card of a good company installed on your system. Some ADSL modems (model MT882, Type II, Type III and Type IV) can also be connected to USB port and in such case you do not need a LAN card. A color monitor (SVGA or higher rated) capable of producing 800X600 resolution for better view of web pages is required. Broadband can be configured on almost all operating systems.

How do I apply for a broadband connection?

For applying broadband connection you may download the form from here and submit the same at your local office or at the nearest BSNL Customer Centre. However, you can also apply for the same on line from here.

What is the minimum contract period?

It is the minimum period that BSNL expects the customer to be using the service.   Normally, it is more i.e. 3 months in case of basic connection.  For other plans, it would normally be one month only.  The contract period is dependent on the plan chosen. Click here for the tariff and plans available

If I shift my premises, what will happen to my ADSL connection?

Alongwith your telephone connection, the broadband is also shifted to your new premises. However, the connection at the new location will be dependent on the technical feasibility of that area.

How do I know about my account status?

Please click here to login and view your account details and if you are a multiplay user then click  here..  

What is the difference between a Business Connection and a Home Connection?

The main difference between a business connection and a home connection is the purpose of usage.

    Conditions for providing HOME plan or BUSINESS plan

1. Either Plan can be taken by the subscribers having telephones in individual names working at homes/residences used for personal use/purpose.

2. Subscribers having telephones in the name of Company, firms, shops, educational institutes or any other commercial entity can take only Business Plan. They are not eligible for Home Plan.

3. Telephones working in individual names at commercial/ business/ office premises are also not entitled for Home Plans.

4. Home plan can be taken on Bfones in name of Government/company but actually working at residences of their employees. An undertaking shall have to be given by the customer in this regard.

Why BSNL does not supply software to protect my system from malware? The XYZ operator supplies a firewall for protection of my system.

The protection and security of the system is the responsibility of the owner of the system. Internet is not owned by anyone and everyone has freedom to log on to the web page of his/her choice. Since browsing of web pages is not controlled by any person/organisation, the security threats involved in web browsing/download of material are to be taken care of by the subscriber only. The subscriber is expected to be aware of security threats that are involved in internet browsing and to deploy related software to protect him/herself from intrusions/attacks /threats. Please read the article  "Safer Internet Browsing"  in the Articles section for further information. However, subscribers are advised not to visit the unknown web sites and download any material. Employing the firewalls and regularly updating the security patches supplied by the vendors for the browser and the operating system can block most of the harmful content. The technical details of the security aspects are covered at Safer Browsing of this site. Licensed version of some known anti-virus scanner is preferable as it can be updated regularly.

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