Importance of Checking the usage regularly:-

In the last few years of my experience with broadband subscribers of BSNL, I have observed the following few things:-

  1. Many of the subscribers do not understand the clear meaning of upload/download.  Technically, there is nothing that can happen on the internet other than downloading or uploading.  A browser  uploads the request from the user to the particular server in question and downloads the html content from the web server.   A messenger downloads and uploads the voice.  Few subscribers have a feeling that the download refers to only downloading a file from the internet.   With this mis-conception, they land into excessive usage.
  2. Most of the users do not care to change their passwords regularly.   Though the portbinding is in place, it is always necessary to know who is using the internet even in their homes/offices.   Having the password known to only one or two in the organisation can be really effective in controlling the mis-using of the bandwidth.  Though I support freedom of internet access, I believe in controlled freedom.
  3. Infected systems with malware content can consume lots of bandwidth without the knowledge of the user and can result into higher consumption of bandwidth.  It is always suggested to have an anti virus program, a couple of anti-spyware programs, a fire wall and a content advisor installed on your system to avoid such a thing.
  4. File sharing programs are the major source of consuming the bandwidth.   They are real sources of infection too.  Use them with care.  I have seen few cases where the excessive billing due to only file sharing applications.

To avoid all these issues, I suggest you to check your usage regularly to be in a better position to understand your usage pattern.  With regular checking of your usage you can observe the following and avoid many issues related to billing:-

  • Any mis-use can immediately be spotted if you check your usage regularly and keep a watch on the log in timings recorded.  Any timing which does not match with your browsing timings can be immediately brought to the notice of the NIB for further action/information.
  • You can always be aware of the leftover bandwidth for the rest of the month and can have the control.
  • You can spot if anyone in your house/office has used the connection without your notice.
  • Above all, you don't  have to run around the BSNL offices for settling the excessive usage charges as you will have full control on your usage.  You know what are you paying for...

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