MT880 Router Mode Configuration

Firstly allot the IP no. with subnet mask and default gateway to your LAN configuration. Then open your command window and ping the router with the command ping You should get the reply. The reply indicates the network connection is working.

Now, open your favourite browser and type in the address bar and hit ENTER

Type the username as admin and password as admin and hit ENTER

The pictures shown are tailored to keep the size of the content small. Click on WAN Setting in the left pane. Now check the radio button PPP on the right

You would see the right pane expand as shown below:-

Fill the columns exactly as shown above and do not forget the enable the default root and finally click OK-

Now check the radio button No and click on OK and then click on DNS in the left pane to see the following appear:-

Enter the values as indicated in the picture and click Apply to save the settings..

Now you would see a window with a message Do you want save and reboot now? Click on OK button as shown below..

You would see the following message coming up and router going for a restart..

After the successful restart you would see the following window coming up..

It is all done now and you have the router working and can see the IP allotted to your router in the picture..

To turn the DHCP on or Not

It is the choice of the individual or the application that demands it.

If you have a LAN and the router is connected to your switch and you want to allot IPs to the local area network dynamically, you need to put on the DHCP to ON position.

If you want to have VOIP configured for your system, the you need to put the DHCP to ON as the VOIP routers by default look for it.

To turn the DHCP to ON you need to click on HOME>DHCP and in the right pane you have to enable it with the required set of IPs that you wish.

Once you turn on the DHCP you need to set the local area connection TCP I/P settings to Obtain the IP address automatically

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