Huawei WA1003a Router Mode Configuration

Click START and click Run. Then type ncpa.cpl. (This command would work only for Win2K and above)   Follow as directed.

Now open your favourite browser and follow the screenshots:-

Both user name and password are by default admin and admin.

Click on PVC0 and follow the pictures:-

Click on DHCP Configuration and the follow the screenshots-

Now click on the Wireless button as shown below and Enable if you need to have wireless working-

(By default the Access Point is ON.

Then click on the button Tools.

Click on User Management to change the access password to the router.

Now click on Advanced tab and then click on Wireless Security as follows:-


Ensure that the string you enter is long enough to be guessed by your neighbour or intruder.   Based on this string the communication between the router's access point and your system will be encrypted and hence it is very important and you should remember this as it is needed to connect from your Laptop.

Then click on Tools tab again and click on System Commands to see the following:-

Firstly, click Save All button and then click on Restart button to see the following:-

You can see the IP number allotted to you by the WAN server.

It is all over now.

All that you need to do is to configure your LAN card to Obtain IP address automatically and Obtain DNS address automatically and open your farourite browser to browse the internet.  You will have to redo what you did in the first screenshot of this page except instead of assigning an IP address you should choose Obtain IP automatically and obtain DNS automatically..

Access your Wireless Access Point from your Laptop:-

To access wireless from your LAPTOP, follow the screenshots :-

The networky key is the key you have choosen while configuring the WPA encryption in the router.

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