UT Star WA3002G4 Router Mode Configuration

Click on the Wireless link in the left pane now as shown below:-

I have actually missed a screenshot here.  In the right pane, when you click 'wireless',  you will see something like SSID.  Change the SSID to somename (any name of your choice).    You can use any name.  This is actually to identify your wireless network if you have some other networks existing in your premises.  I have just used 'somename' as the SSID.  It is your choice to keep any name.   And then when you click on the link 'Security' in right pane, you will see the following page coming up:-  

It is all over now.

All that you need to do is to configure your LAN card to Obtain IP address automatically and Obtain DNS address automatically and open your farourite browser to browse the internet.  You will have to redo what you did in the first screenshot of this page except instead of assigning an IP address you should choose Obtain IP automatically and obtain DNS automatically..


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