Frequently Asked Questions (Technical)

How do I know about my account status?

Please click here to login if you are connected to P2 equipment and click here to login if you are connected to P3 (multiplay) equipment  and view your account details. You can find a link on the right side of this screen to understand how to check the usage with a step by step procedure.

How does BSNL count the total usage?

Any activity on the internet can be put under two categories. Upload and Download. Upload is the data flow from your system or network and whereas download constitutes the data flown into your system or into your network through your account in both the cases. Hence any activity on internet constitutes either upward or downward dataflow and BSNL accounts for the same i.e. data flow in any of the directions. A web browser downloads or uploads the page, a messenger downloads or uploads the text, voice or picture and hence each activity on internet in either of the directions is counted for accounting purposes. There is a general misconcept that download means only saving the data on to hard disk. This is not true. Technically download means the dataflow in to your system or network from internet.

What is the type of IP, BSNL allots to its subscribers?

BSNL allots only dynamic IPs to its subscribers. However, for plans Business-5000 and Business-10000, static IPs are allotted on request basis.

What is the difference between a Static IP and a Dynamic IP? Does it mean anything for a normal subscriber?

When a subscriber connects to Internet, is allotted an IP dynamically. Dynamic IP means an IP address allotted to a machine when one logs on to the internet. It keeps changing for each log-in. Static IP is the IP which is permanently allotted a machine based on the account. It never changes. For a common user this does not make any difference.

Can I run a web-server on my system? I plan to run a PHP based forum from my machine?

You can run a web server on a machine with Dynamic IP also. It is possible. However, you need to register a domain name with one of the ISPs and then use a small program to keep the IP changes of your machine updated in the DNS server automatically. The utility will immediately make the corresponding change in the DNS as soon as there is a change in the IP address of the machine. You can find one such utility from Google search and register for the same. Most of them allow one or more dynamic updation for free of cost. However, it is not a wise idea to run a web server on a ADSL line as the Web-Server requires more of upload speed and ADSL as its name suggests is 'Asymmetric DSL' and uploads are comparatively slower when compared to downloads. It can be assumed safely that the upload speed will be almost 1/4th of the download speed. Hence, is not suitable to run web-servers. If the web-server is meant for very limited hits, then it may be taken up.

Does BSNL block any port?

No. BSNL does not block any ports by default.

What are the different Modem types available with BSNL? How do they matter?

Presently, I see only two types of modems being supplied by BSNL to the subscribers. They are (i) Type I and (ii) Type IV  ie.  the type I modem with one USB port and one Ethernet port and the type II modem with 4 ethernet ports and a wireless access point.   The former costs only 1000/- and the later costs 1600/-.     The type IV modem that was supplied earlier had an USB port also but the present one does not have a USB port.    Note:- The cost of the modem is subjected to vary without any notice. Subscribers are requested to confirm the same from CO (Working Lines).

Is there any easier way to calculate the usage? I do not like to log-in each time and check my usage? Does BSNL provide any software to do the same for me?

No. BSNL does not provide any additional software to check the data usage. However, there are some programs available on the Internet to do the same for you. Choose one of them to your convinience. A google search can lead you to some of them. As a precaution, please be sure that you have the source code of the same and it is suggested that the source code may be checked prior to installation of such software as they may contain some malicious code to sneak into your system. If the source code is available, you can make sure about their credibility. However, you are suggested to compile them yourself after going through the source code and use the same. BSNL does not guarantee the authenticity and credibility of such programs and recommends not to use them without the knowledge about their operation. BSNL will not hold any responsibility of the issues raising out of the usage of such private software.

Why my ADSL lamp becomes unsteady when I connect a Cordless Telephone to the broadband line?

It was observed that some of the cordless phones do cause interruptions to ADSL stability. However, please check with your cordless phone connected to the splitter and observe the ADSL lamp. If the same becomes unstable when cordless is connected, try to move your cordless phone to other room or away from the ADSL modem. In case, no improvement is noticed, please do not connect such Cordless Phone to the broadband line whenever Internet is in use. However, normal telephones do not cause any unstability to the ADSL signal. I am using the Type I modem supplied by BSNL. It tends to overheat quickly. Is it a problem? Will this affect my broadband connectivity? The ADSL modem tends to get heated up and is not a problem. This does not disturb the connectivity. However, if the same is causing disconnections or unstable ADSL link, please try keeping the modem in open and observe. If it continues to cause disconnections, please report the matter to your local office. The local area JE will inspect it and confirm whether the disconnections are due to bad line or heating up of the modem and initiate the necessary action.

Is port forwarding possible with Dataone Modems? My application needs port forwarding?

Yes. Portforwarding is possible. Please see the documentation supplied by the Manufacturer or visit the Port Forwarding section of the same site for further details.

I am sure that my account is being used by some one else. I see some log-in timings in the service records which do not match my browsing habbits? What should I do? I

Initially the each account is created with a password which is communicated to the subscriber from NIB i.e. from 12678. These passwords are generally a part of the subscribers name or address with some number suffixed for P2 equipment.   On multiplay equipment, the password is nothing but the "password" initially. Users are supposed to change the password immediately after the first time log-in from the site (P2 Equipment)  or (P3 Equipment).  If you see any unusual entry in the record, please visit the local office immediately and report the matter. However, there is a remote possibility of the same happening.

In that case why all the broadband connections are not port bound by default?

All the connections are automatically port bound on P3 equipment.  Even the old  P2 connections are now port bound.  However, please confirm this from your local NIB as someNIBS still allow (only for P2 equipment) logins from different places.. I strongly advise the subscribers to keep changing the passwords.  It is a good idea to have the passwords changed once in a while..

I see my local area connection saying "Limited or No Connectivity"? What does it mean and does it affect my data one connection?

Whenever, the ethernet interface fails to acquire an IP address automatically from the router, you may see such tag appearing from the tray of the desktop. It is due to DHCP server in the router is in "OFF" condition.  However, it does not make any difference to the broadband connection if you are working in Bridge Mode i.e. in Dailer Mode from system.   On older modems the DHCP server was kept OFF by default hence one would receive such a mesage.   However, on the new modems being supplied by BSNL have the DHCP server ON by default and hence you should not see this message.  If you see such a message with the new modem, then restart your machine and your modem too and check up.   If you do not see improvement, please assign a manual IP to your machine i.e. with gateway and DNS set to  You may now see this message going off.  Now you have to go to command prompt and check for the connectivity by typing "ping".  You should get a reply from the modem.

You can avoid this message (on older modems) through any of the following ways:-

(i) Double click Local Area Connection icon in the tray, click properties, uncheck the Check Box in the bottom which says "Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity" and click OK to finish.

(ii) Or Allot an IP address to your ethernet interface by double clicking the Local Area Connection icon in the tray, clicking the properties, selecting the "TCP I/P Internet Protocol" and then by clicking the properties, then changing the IP address to to 254 (any number), with subnet mask "" and clicking OK. (iii) Or by turning the DHCP server on the router to "ON". This is bit professional in nature and only with little knowledge in routers should attempt to do this. The first method is the most suitable way to get rid of this message.

I am a newbie to computers and can you explain me what is Virus and Spyware? I also hear the term "Malware". Could you explain?

In a nut shell, any program which is operating with the intent to destroy, steal information, throwing unwanted pop-ups, or tracking your browsing habbits or with any negative intention is termed generally as Malware. The basic difference between the spyware and virus is the former being deceptive and the later being destructive. Both are dangerous to the health of the system and are unsolicited with different negative purposes. Hence, are to be countered effectively. Please visit the page Few Points to Safer Browsing to learn how to avoid these attacks. If you wish to know more about the Viruses and Spyware, Please visit the page "Spyware Vs Viruses" for further detailed information. It is a big article and you may attempt to read the same if you have atleast one hour spare time.

Why does my ADSL link lamp start blinking on my Quidway WA1003A, sooner I get connected to Internet? Whereas You say that the ADSL should be steady to connect to internet.

Only the model Quidway WA1003A shows this symptom. The ADSL starts flashing when there is a data flow. However, the same should be steady when you are not connected to Internet.

Why do I see my data "Sent and Receive" in my local area connection properties keep increasing so fast, though I am not browsing any page or I am not doing any activity?

Well, there is some data flow in both the directions that you can observe even when there is no program active on the system. This is due to some overheads that are required for connectivity. However, if you see that the same is increasing continuously at a higher rate, it is simply due to some hidden program on your system which is doing the activity. This is an indication of system infection due to Malware. You have to ensure the following to arrest the same.

(i) You have to ensure that all the updates are regularly carried out as and when released by Microsoft corporation. It is a must.

(ii) You have to ensure that atleast one anti-syware is installed on your system. There are many of them available on the internet free for home purposes. You may choose one or two for your system. You have to ensure that you carryout regular updates and scan your system regularly as and when new updates are received. For genuine windows users, Microsoft Windows Defender is a suitable choice.

(iii) You have to install a valid Anti-virus program and update it regularly. There are few anti-virus programs available on the internet are free for home purposes. It is left to you to choose the best for your needs. However, please do not install two anti-virus programs on the same system. (iv) You have to ensure that a basic firewall atleast is installed on your system. Again, internet is the best place to grab some effective firewall free for home purposes.

I am not able to open any page, but I am getting connected to Broadband? Why?

Firstly, please check if the DNS server is responding. To do this, simply open your favourite browser and key in any of the know site's IP address in the address bar and press ENTER. Or else, you may try with, which is the ip number of our AP Telecom Circle i.e. If you see the page is opening up, it is clear that you have not pointed to the correct DNS server, or DNS are down. Check with any other DNS you know. To do this, you have to add the fresh DNS entry to your Local Area Connection. Else, call your nearest NIB and the take the DNS address from them. The best thing is to let the "Obtain DNS address Automatically", because any DNS change would not have any impact on your browsing. You have to set this option in the router if you have configured the router in router mode operation. Secondly, it may be a case of spyware infection. Clean your system with anti-spyware as discussed in the above answer. However, in some cases it may be due to bad line conditions. Most probable cause is the infection by spyware. You can verify this by just double clicking the local area connection in the tray and watch the "sent and received" activity. If it is due to spyware infection, you would notice the data transmission or reception or both increasing at a faster rate. However, this could also be due to some file sharing program on your system i.e. P2P software.. Ensure that you have no such software, is active before confirming the infection. In case of updates from the operating system vendor you may notice the data flow. But then you can clearly see an yellow coloured icon indicating downloads appearing in the tray. Further, a bad line condition (weak insulation in the cable) could also lead to this problem. If you are sure about the security of your system, you may then contact the local officer of your area and ask for checking your line condition. There is a mechanism available in each local office to test the parameters of the line status. You may also checkup the SNR of the connection by logging in into the router/modem. The SNR should be more than 15 for a good connection (in my opinion). If the line condition is bad you could see the CRC errors in the router showing some value. You have to login to the router to note this parameter.

Ping: transmit failed, error code 10050 or 65. What should I do?

Symptom: When attempting to verify network connectivity with a remote computer by using the Ping.exe command, you may receive a command-line error message similar to the following: Ping: transmit failed, error code 65 or PING: transmit failed, error code 10050. Resolutions: This behavior can occur if the following conditions are true:

1) ICS is enabled; 2) a firewall software is running on the computer; 3) The ZoneLabs program is not correctly configured for ICS. To fix the problem: 1) re-configure ZoneAlarm for ICS. or 2) Remove the Zone Labs firewall software from the computer and re-install with the internet connection in active state.

Recently I changed my password. The moment I double click the Dataone Icon provided on the desktop, I see the dialer does not prompt or wait for username or password. I get 691 error and the dialer keeps trying to connect. What is the remedy?

Now, click on Start and click on Run and then type ncpa.cpl and then click OK. In the resulting network connections window, right click on the data one connection and select Properties. Then click on options and check up if you have un-checked the box prompt for username and password. If so please check it up. It should be alright now.

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