VOIP Installation with Dataone Services

VoIP (Voice over IP - Voice delivered using the Internet Protocol) is a term used in IP telephony for a set of facilities managing the deliver of voice using the Internet Protocol (IP). In general, it means sending the voice in the form of digital form rather than the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network.

The Dataone Broadband can be used for VoIP services. Some countries where VoIP is permitted legally do sell the VoIP devices which can be incorporated into Dataone Circuit to enable this service. Some of the VoIP devices that I came across are Linksys, Vonage, SunRocket etc. Some names I do not remember at this point of time.

How to Connect a VoIP device to existing Dataone Connection?

It is a very simple procedure. All that you need to have is the ADSL modem configured in Router mode with DHCP in ON condition. The router mode configuration of different models is in the ROUTER MODE section of the same site.

Firstly, you have to configure the modem into router mode by connecting the ADSL router to the CPU. Once the router is configured for self dialing, then dis-connect the ethernet cable which is plugged into the CPU and connect it to either WAN or INTERNET socket at the back of the VoIP device and power ON the VoIP device with other connections in the same positions. Then connect a telephone instrument to Tele 1 socket of VoIP device and wait for few minutes. Lift the handset to listen to the VoIP dial tone. Some models may take longer duration to get the dial tone.  That is all.

If you have ethernet socket on the VoIP device you can also connect the same to CPU through ethernet cable to simultaneously access internet while your VoIP is running. The sampling rate of the normal VoIP device is around 8 kBps and it does not share more than 64 kbps of bandwidth. Hence, internet browsing simultaneously with little difference in the browsing speed.

It is observed that almost 28 mB per hour is consumed while using VoIP services. H250 users to carefully use the same to avoid unsolicited billing.

Only one particular problem is observed while using the VoIP service on Dataone ADSL connection. The speech quality of Dataone User is sometimes going down. It is only due to poor line condition. Even while surfing if you observe very low speed in uploading (even after considering the fact the ADSL line has lower update data rate when compared to download data rate), it is due to the same reason. When the insulation between the cable pairs is low or if there is a static DC available on the network, it tends to affect the upload performance first.

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